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About Coach John Janecek

Strength training isn't a hobby or second career for me. I never worked in any other profession. Strength training is all I've known. My passion started back in my high school weight room. I found the harder I worked in the weight room, the more successful I was in sports. That desire grew into helping others excel in the weight room too. When my high school counselor asked me what I wanted to do with my life, I told her, without hesitation, that I wanted to teach people how to lift and get stronger. For the past 30 years, I've worked as a college and high school strength coach. My college career includes Nebraska, Vanderbilt, Tennessee State, The University at Albany NY and SMU. My high school career includes stints at South Grand Prairie, Euless Trinity and Longview. 

Throughout that time, I was paid to work with athletes, but also enjoyed training other coaches, staff members, their spouses and kids! I gained my introduction to strength training while playing football at University of Nebraska. It was there that Boyd Epley introduced me to Husker Power and I adopted the ideology that squats, cleans and presses are the key to strength and athletic development. When I arrived in Texas in 2000, I met Mark Rippetoe and discovered our philosophies meshed well. As a man over 50, my focus has shifted to researching and putting that research into practice. I aspire to not only maintain, but gain strength in myself and others who, at the age of 40 and beyond, may feel like they have lost a step or two (or three) in navigating life with independence. My goal as a Starting Strength coach is simple. I want to help those who desire to keep or regain their strength and independence through a proven system of basic barbell training.

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Starting Strength

Certified Coach


"I have to add 50 lb bags of salt to my water softener routinely. I've always needed my grandson to do it for me. This past time, after working with John, I was able to lift the bag myself." -Linda age 69

"You know, I wish I knew about this when I was younger. This is already making such a difference in my life." -Floyd age 63

"I was hesitant about starting strength training since I've had a knee replacement, but the way John taught me to squat doesn't bother my knees at all." -Bob age 67

"Starting Strength is best for treating knee and back pain. It worked perfectly for me and as a General Practitioner, I recommend it to my patients. The only problem is we don't have John in Bavaria (Germany)." - Dr. Iwan Nantschev  age 50

"As a sports teaching professional, I know how important strength is to performance. While being devoted to my clients improvement in tennis, I have neglected my own strength. After my first session with John, I'm excited to increase my strength so I can begin competing again." -David age 58

"I went to see John because I was tired of falling down and hurting myself. Now when I trip, I'm strong enough to catch myself and I don't fall." -Anne age 62

"This makes so much more sense than the workout that the trainer at the big gym had me on! I'm doing things at work now that I couldn't do before because John's workouts have made me a stronger person" -Fredrik age 37

"I've read the Starting Strength books, but just because I did that doesn't make me an expert at it. Coming in for coaching with John made all the difference. Even having read the books, I could not have been effective in my lifting on my own." -Frank age 42

What is Janecek Strength and Conditioning like?

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  • A structured coaching program designed to get you stronger using time proven exercises.

  • A family feel where people know you by name, celebrate your victories and help you overcome your obstacles with a positive, encouraging outlook.

  • Working with a coach who has devoted his entire life to strength coaching gives you the tools to "do life" better!

  • A reserved spot every week with 2-3 other people with the same general ability and of the same age; all who are competing in the extreme sport of aging!

  • Instruction and monitoring through safe, slower movements that are incrementally loaded as you recover from the stress and adapt (aka: get stronger!).


  • Fast paced ballistic exercises that are hard to learn and even harder on older joints.

  • Hoping that there's a spot when you arrive.

  • Hoping a piece of equipment is available when you arrive at MegaGym because of the huge number of members.

  • Big group setting where you get lost in the crowd or no one to help you and you're too afraid to try and figure it out for yourself.

  • Being judged or looked at by experienced lifters, meatheads or bikini models who are there to "workout" and up their social media game.

  • Personal trainers that have passed a one day certification, but have never been in the field of strength training.

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Clients will enjoy small group classes of no more than 4 people per class. This helps us keep prices reasonable, while allowing us to coach each client through every lift.

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Clients can also schedule 60 minute individual clinics for the following lifts:

  • Squat

  • Bench press

  • Press

  • Deadlift

  • Power clean

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For more information on the Starting Strength method, visit:

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